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How to get ready for your Christmas mini photoshoot?

Hi there and thank you so much for booking a Christmas photoshoot this year with me,

I'm so excited to see you in a few weeks :)

This post will give you a few tips on how to get ready and I have a few request on making the photoshoot as smooth and relaxed as possible. Also I will give you some styling tips further below.


This year same as last year I'm trying to be super time efficient and bulk as many of my procedures as possible so,

- As the photoshoot days are fast paced, please have the remaining balance of 100€ in cash in an envelope with your photoshoot date/timeslot, your name and email address written on top.

- As I only have 30min allocated per family it is crucial you'll be on time. I know traffic happens and leaving the house with the kids can be a whirlwind, but if you arrive late, your session will be shorter. The photoshoot location and how to get there is explained further below on in this post.

- Please be mindful of An post cut of dates for Christmas post, if you wish to get cards done. For this reason; I'm working my hardest to have the photos ready in about 10 days time from the photoshoot. The sooner you pick the images you want from the proof gallery, the sooner you'll then have them to use as well.

- The final edits will be the final edit. This meaning: I have selected the very best and most flattering images of you and possibly worked all my Photoshop magic work behind the scenes ;)

If you have any particular touch up request, please let me know during the photoshoot so I can take a note. Any cuts, bruises, pimples etc are no problem to touch up,

- Make sure all little faces are cleaned before of dry bits and food stains. Also possibly worth having a look that the teeth are clean/no food stuck between teeth as we'll be (hopefully) smiling lots.

- That said; I will try my very best to make your little ones relaxed and smile. Please leave the 'entertaining' bit for me, as then the kiddies will look at the camera and not off the camera. If there is some specific thing you know works for your kids, do let me know :) Sometimes the Christmas photoshoot is more overwhelming to your child and they will not smile, but that's ok too.

- Please don't hype up the photoshoot too much beforehand to your kids as then they'll only arrive at the scene stressed out and mightn't co-operate at all. I find telling gently what's happening and where you're going works the best. I would leave mobile phones and tablets at home or use them as a very very last resort as the minute a child engages with the screen, it's very hard to get them involved in the photoshoot again.

- If you feel like bribing is the only way to go to have your little ones co-operate, something like raisins can be brought, but NO wet food, drinks or chocolate or anything crumply like biccies.

- No photographing or or filming is allowed by customers during Christmas mini photoshoots.


- This year's set up is an outdoor scene, but I've designed it so that it work well with both outer wear, but also normal clothes and pyjamas. The set up is relatively monotone/light so I would say this year stronger colours work better than lighter muted tones such as rose pink and beige or even all white. I feel like it has a it of an old school vibe so more formal clothes work amazingly.

-The clothes can be just plain color and not themed. Jumpers and knitted rompers look lovely, but I would also take the opportunity of getting some cosy hats and scarves and neat outerwear in the photos that are easy to take off so you have more variety in the pictures. But think more wool pea coats that puffer or all-weather jackets :)

- Stiff cotton, knits and tulle even paired up with denim/chinos will look more timeless and classy than jersey clothes or joggers.

- Big logos and sports wear are not really a good look also I would have the whole family sticking to similar enough colours. If one is wearing a black top and the rest lighter shades, it doesn't work too well.

- Plaid/tartan looks amazing. It really is so wonderfully Christmassy.

- Christmas jumpers are fun and can be brought in just to throw on for one photo or for all your photos.

- If you plan to change into Christmas pyjamas only for a few of the photos, please note the photoshoot time is only 30 minutes so all outfit changes have to be done within that time frame. So perhaps think beforehand if your child/children will co-operate on this.

- Pay attention to shoes. Have neat shoes or socks/wool socks on everyone. Such little thing can really make a huge difference. Feet will more thank likely show in the pictures.

- I would advice no ponytails on girls; rather plats, pigtails or loose with a bow or Alice band. Ponytails just never photographing too well, except for half up-half down ponytails.

- Please avoid tight skirts/pinafores on little girls - especially babies and small toddlers - as when they sit down, the skirts will 100% ride up.

- As for moms - if you're stepping in to the frames too - I would advice only a light gradual tan that a full fake tan. It can look a little off if the rest of the family is lighter coloured and patchy tan is very difficult to retouch.

- Parents make sure not to wear too tight clothes as the family photos are often done with you sitting on the floor.

- I would check out Next, M&S, Lynes of Killarney, H&M, Dunnes and Zara for the outfits. has beautiful bits for toddlers too.


The Christmas mini photoshoots will take place at the Presentation Monastery national school in Killarney. There is ample parking both outside the school car park and New rd. The Killarney library car park is also a short walk away. The school carpark and New rd can however sometimes be fairly busy on Sundays as there is often events in the National park so it's not a bad idea to arrive a bit early:

Once you're all parked up, you can come in from the left-hand side door and I'll have one of my little elves guiding you to the classroom where I'm set up. There is quite a good space in the school to wait for a bit / change clothes on arrival / toilets so you can come 5-10 minutes early to get ready if you wish.


I'm so excited to see you all!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there's any questions between now and then!

Love, Sara xx

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