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newborn and family photographer Killarney co.Kerry

Hi I'm Sara and I'm the mother-of-three behind Sara O'Connor Photography.

I'm originally from Finland, but very, very settled here in Killarney with my Irish/Finnish family.

Photography has always been part of my life as both my parents are photographers.

It was not a particularly conscious career choice for me; it's just something I've always done and loved, but as time went on and my family grew I realised how much I enjoy capturing family life and all those special moments with children that just seem to fly by.

I began taking portraits on their birthdays, Christmas card photos of friends' kids, a few weddings and when my youngest one was born I purposely took posed newborn photographs of her. A keep going back to those photos and they are one of my most treasured keepsakes - only wish I had the same type of photos of my two older kids!

In 2018, as my babies were growing, I decided to start working towards my own dream of working as a family photographer. The journey has been hard work, but so incredibly enjoyable. I've met fantastic families and really found my calling on specialising in newborn photography. The more I work the more I feel a passion to create art for my customers home. Each photo I take, I imagine potentially as a print in your living room wall - it's a big responsibility, but at the same time huge motivation and inspiration to do my very best.

My style is simple and fresh (being a Scandinavian probably shines through ;) )

and I like to have the focus on the person or people I'm photographing without too many props.


Capturing emotion and connection between family members, the fun and then again the unique little details of babies and children often make me a little emotional while editing, so I definitely am a feeler and think it as a massive strength as a family photographer.

Hope you enjoy my work and don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to know more about booking a session.



newborn and family photographer Killarney co.Kerry
newborn and family photography Killarney co.Kerry
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