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Welcoming a new baby and those first precious days, 

when the babies are teeny tiny, feel like the time stops around you.


Getting to know your new little one, memorising every little bit of wrinkly skin and soft hair and that newborn smell!

Where I can't bottle that delicious smell for you, I can capture your baby just as they are, when they've just come to this world.


They stay so little for such a short time and before you know it,

you might have forgotten what the brand new newborn was like.

Photographing newborns takes some special skill, patience and most of all - love. Professional images will not only take you right back to those first days with your baby, but they also make a lovely keepsake and artwork for your home.

A newborn photoshoot might be an investment, but I doubt it'll be one you'll ever regret.

A newborn photoshoot takes place, when the baby is ideally 6-14 days old.

A few days after you've settled back home, but before they go through the first big growth spurt at the age of two weeks. 

To secure your spot I strongly advice to make a booking early enough during your pregnancy. Right after the mid-way scan is ideal. We will make a provisional booking for your due date and then make the final arrangements once he/she is actually born.

The photoshoot takes about 2-3 hours and is done at the comfort of your own home.

The baby will be warm and safe throughout.


Parents have time to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee while I carefully settle the baby to those beautiful sleepy poses. Sometimes babies like to have a look around and take a little longer to fall asleep and that's absolutely fine too. I'm confident handling babies and can read their cues pretty accurately and my aim is to make the experience fun and memorable for the whole family. 

Siblings are very welcome to the photoshoot too along with both parents or even grandparents. After your booking I will give more detailed instructions how to prepare for your first photoshoot with you baby.

For babies older than two weeks, please book a portrait session.

It really is my pleasure and privilege to be part of the start of your journey together.

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