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Pregnancy is such a beautiful time of a woman's life.

Growing a new person within you is both magical, but emotional too.

Sometime's a pregnancy is a breeze and sometimes it's uncomfortable or even worrying. 

My aim is to capture you and your growing belly in the best and most flattering way possible so than when you look back at these pregnancy images, you'll remember a little more of the magic and little less of the aches :)

The best time for the pregnancy photoshoot is between pregnancy weeks 25 and 34, when the belly is already nice and round. Partner and/or siblings-to-be can be included in the photoshoot and the session can done either outdoors or in the comfort of your own home or my pop up studio (once a month).

A pregnancy photoshoot takes roughly about an hour and you can book it as a portrait session.

You will get a 35 euro discount towards your newborn photoshoot.

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