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Your pregnancy photoshoot

I'm so excited you've chosen me to capture this special time, when you're growing a whole new life within your body. It's a lovely way to take a moment to really celebrate you and I just want you to know, I'll guide you through this whole photoshoot experience.

Here I have written some practical tips and styling ideas, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at.



First I'd like to say that what ever you want to wear should 100% reflect you and your personality and style.


You can show as much or as little bare skin as you feel comfortable, but also please know my aim is to keep the photos with skin showing a celebration of your changing body rather than anything sexual. I just really want to make you feel relaxed and enjoy yourself ◡̈ 

Here's is some tips however that I feel might help you with what to wear and bring:

- Like in all my photoshoots I would recommend keeping the colour palette relatively neutral. Expecially the lighter and warmer muted tones work beautifully.

- All natural materials look lovely in the photoshoots such as cotton, knits and linen and any fabric, that you can gather around the bump looks amazing. So think an oversized men's shirt, a long cardigan, flowing maxi dress etc. 

- Normally I ask you to bring two sets of lingerie; one light coloured and one black. They can be as simple, sporty or lacy as you like, but I would recommend them to be matching and also well fitting and if possible newish (not discoloured in washing).

- Typically we have time to change the outfit a several times during the photoshoot and often enough my customers bring both loose fitting and more tight fitting options as well as you have my client wardrobe to borrow from, which is a selection of flowy kimonos, knitted dresses, sheer cotton dresses and a few bodycon dresses. If you feel confident and are not afraid of showing more skin, I also have different draping materials that we can use to emphasise the bump.

- for a more contemporary look a pair of your own jeans or your partner's jeans left open paired with a bra top or even a little crop top or a crop knit looks really cool. The proper rigid denim jeans especially.



Your partner is very welcome to the photoshoot too and so is of course any of your possible other children.

The same tips colour palette wise as above for yourself and I would leave any logos or prints at home as well as stripes, sports gear and sound prints.

If you bring a lighter outfit and a black set, so can your partner so we can take matching photos.

With me classic t-shirts, shirts with rolled up sleeves, relaxed jeans, chinos or shorts (the studio setting is warm) all look great.

If they feel comfortable, a shirtless photo with you can look great too with your bare bump.

For children and toddlers outfits like dungarees and rompers or even a plain white vest look cute with bare feet. I'd leave very dressy outfits perhaps for another time.



- I would recommend styling your hair open and loose relaxed waves for example

- There will quite a lot of an emphasis on your hands holding the bump so please make sure that you don't have any chipped nail polish. Your hands and feet don't need to be manicured and pedicured as such, but just neat and tidy. It's quite likely that you'll be in bare feet so perhaps avoid socks that are really tight in the ankle beforehand.

- Any blemishes, scars, stretch marks, scratches or bruises can be edited no problem. Please mention anything you'd like specifically retouched during the photoshoot.

- I know many of us like a bit of fake tan to feel better in our skin and I would recommend choosing perhaps a gradual tan or taking extra care tanning your hands and feet. Often fake tan is very dark on the legs and chest, but the bump is a different colour altogether so please take extra care when applying the tan. I do shoot in warmer tones so you won't look too pasty in any case.

Hope this post was helpful and looking forward to meeting you at your photoshoot ❤️

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