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How to get ready for a cake smash session?

Please take a moment to read through these instructions / answers to frequently asked questions:


To ensure your baby is ready for his/her photoshoot I would kindly ask you to follow a few steps in the morning of your photoshoot:

  • Bathe baby: this doesn't have to be an actual bath, but makes sure the baby's skin and hair is clean of all dry bits/milky stains etc.

  • Dressing baby: Have your baby wearing a nice good quality (H&M, Next and M&S do really nice ones) and good fit or even little bit tight vest/bodysuit - sleeveless, short or long sleeve - the very loose/bigger ones don’t look pretty in photos. Preferably white or cream. Little rompers/dungarees look super cute on little ones and I have some in the studio to borrow. I normally take a non messy birthday portrait to start out so you can also bring another outfit of your choice, that you'd like to use in those photos.

  • Feed the baby. Full belly equals happy baby - the babies don't generally eat the cake so much :) All baby photoshoots are baby-led so we can always take a little snack break or cuddle break during the session, if needed.


If you want to take a family photos or a sibling photo to start out with please read the styling tips from the "How to get ready for a portrait session"-post


You probably go everywhere with a change bag so the essentials like extra nappies/milk/dodie goes without saying. Here's a few other thing you can bring, but they are only optional:

  • As cake smashing can get rather messy and often babies want to cuddle mom or dad mid photoshoot with their sticky fingers, might be an idea to bring yourself a change of clothes.

  • Some warm clothes the baby to to wear after. Even though the studio is kept warm, it's nice to have clean set of soft clothes to put on the baby after all the cake bits are wiped off.

And that's pretty much everything you need to know in advance. If there is any further questions, I'm more thank happy to answer them.

LOVE, Sara xxx



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